----- About us -----

SN FURS SA is a leading and dynamic company in the fur business with long presence in Greece and abroad.

In 1916 Chatzik Nakasian founded the firm in Greek city of Smyrni in Asia Minor, that only dealt with the wholesale market exclusively.

His successor, Sarkis Nakasian, transferred the head offices in Greece and turned the firm in one of the most influential fur companies in Greece as well as abroad.

In 1985 the Nakasian family set up the SN FURS SA and extended its activities also in the retail sale sector.

The company's factory in Kastoria, the driving force of the SN FURS SA, manufactures top quality fur garments that are always in reasonable prices and thus approachable to the wide public.

SN FURS SA has also broadened its activities in the market of leather garments that are designed and manufactured in Italy.

Moreover, the Nakasian family has founded H&K, the successful subsidiary company, in Germany.

SN FURS SA is a pioneer company in the fur manufacture sector and market with strong commitment to high quality.